DNA Collection Guide

Step 1 - Completing the forms

  1. Complete the enclosed forms with details for each test participant
  2. Ensure your writing is clear and legible
  3. Sign the consent form. Signatures are required in order to process your DNA samples
  4. If the child is under the age of 16, a parent or guardian MUST sign consent on their behalf
  5. Ensure you have either paid Crystal Health Group over the phone or included contact details on the payment form before returning your samples
  6. If you require any assistance completing the forms, please call 0800 988 7107 to speak to a Clinical Advisor

Step 2 - Collecting the DNA samples

Swab - There are 2 mouth swabs for eat test participant. To obtain the required DNA samples, rub the cotton end of the swab on the inside of the left cheek firmly at least 20 times. Repeat with the second swab on the inside of the right check. For guidance, please follow this link for a video on this process How to collect a DNA sample.

Air dry - Both mouth swabs must be air dried before placing back into the sample envelopes. To achieve this, rapidly flick the swabs in the air for at least 15 second. Do not handle the cotton end. This will cause contamination of the DNA samples.

Seal - Place the swabs into the relevant test participants sample envelope. Ensure all details are completed on the sample envelope and secure the 2 swab by sealing the flap.

Step 3 - Mailing back your DNA samples

Place your sample envelopes, completed consent form and payment form into the return envelope supplied. Seal the envelope securely.

Please refer to the kit box packaging or DNA Clinics website for test result lead times. These are quoted working days from the day the laboratory receives the samples.

Security - Password & Case Reference

Please make a note of your case reference. Ensure you remember your case password before returning your kit. You will need BOTH pieces of information if you wish to discuss your case on the telephone with our customer service team.