Maternity DNA Tests

Maternity Testing Details

The Maternity test is used to establish the biological mother of an individual.

The Maternity Test price includes:
1 alleged mother and 1 child.

The cost of the test also includes all maternity test reports and correspondence.

Additional alleged mothers or children included in the maternity test should be charged at the rate specified.

The Maternity Test

A person possesses two (of many possible) alleles at each location. The alleles are identified by a number. These are inherited from the parents at conception. One comes from the mother and one from the father.

Therefore, when the DNA profiles of biological parents are laid out together in a maternity test, one of the child’s alleles (numbers) will match up with a number from the mothers sample and the other should match up with an allele from the father’s sample.

If these alleles match at all locations analysed in the maternity test, a person is included as the biological mother of the child because it proves they have passed these genetic markers to the child at conception.

Inconsistencies in the maternity test (locations where there is NO match) will exclude a person as a biological mother. This is based on the fact that it is only possible to pass on to your offspring, the alleles which you possess in your own DNA profile.

Accuracy of the Maternity Test

>99.9999 probability obtained for inclusion as a biological parent in a maternity test. This result means that a person is at least 1 million times more likely to be the biological parent of the child tested, than an unrelated individual from the same ethnic group.

0% probability obtained in a maternity test when excluded as a biological parent. This result means that there is 0% chance that the person tested is the biological parent of the child.

Please see the DNA Clinics site for further information regarding the Maternity DNA test.

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