Sibling DNA Tests

Sibling Testing Details

Sibling DNA Testing is used to determine whether two (or more) individuals share one or both biological parents.

The Sibling DNA test should only be used if other types of test have been ruled out, for example, paternity/maternity/forensic/ Y Chromosome tests should all be considered first.

Sibling DNA test analysis is divided into two categories:

Full-Sibling DNA Test Study
This Sibling test is ordered for clients who want to determine if they have both parents in common (share the same mother and the same father).

Half-Sibling DNA Test Study
This Sibling test is ordered for clients who want to determine if they have one parent in common. (Share the same mother or the same father).

The Sibling test price includes:
2 Individuals

The cost of the test also includes: Sample collection, all Sibling DNA test reports and correspondence.

Additional test participants included in the Sibling DNA test should be charged at the rate specified.

The Sibling DNA Test

As in a Paternity test a DNA profile is produced for each person.

The test analyses genetic locations on the DNA strand. The allele (alternating form of DNA) at each location is identified by a number. The DNA profiles of the test participants are then compared.

The test is based on the fact that biologically related individuals should have more DNA in common than unrelated individuals. On average the alleles (numbers) of full siblings will match at more DNA locations than half siblings, and half siblings will match at more than unrelated people.

Please see the DNA Clinics site for further information regarding the Sibling DNA test.

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