Ethical roots and women led

Our founder, Nichola McChrystal, believes in an ethical DNA testing service that provides convenience, confidence and support to all our clients.

Now, in her role as Director, Nichola maintains this ethos and champions the role of women in business. As a result, Crystal Health Group is women led, with an emphasis on training, development and reward. For example, our Operations Manager is a former apprentice who has worked her way up through the business since joining in 2018.

Meet the team

While we will always promote face to face DNA testing, we understand that personal circumstances can vary, and not everyone can visit a DNA Clinic.

As such, we offer a discreet self-collection DNA testing service, that is subject to all the processes and support that an appointment-based DNA test is. These kits are available at this store, and our paternity DNA test kit is also available on

Leading the way in compliance

Surprisingly, there is no overall regulatory body for the bio-testing industry. As well as complying with the Human Tissue Act, we also commit to:

  • Maintain our ISO management system certification in quality, information security and the environment.
  • Process all DNA tests in UKAS 17025 laboratory facilities based in the UK.
  • Maintain all industry specific accreditation through internal and external auditing.
  • Renew our Data Protection Registration with the ICO.
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Our team

Our head office team in Manchester hold the same values as our founder Nichola McChrystal. A mix of passion, empathy and expertise, means we provide a DNA testing service that stands out from the competition.

Rather than attempting to communicate through chatbots on websites or AI software that leads to frustration and upset, we believe in the power of speaking to real experts about your needs and concerns.

We are proud of our team and the service we provide. Our clients also appreciate our efforts and tell us so through positive feedback and praise.

Client feedback
  • ISO 17025 Laboratory

  • Fast Shipping

  • Results in 3-5 working days

Do you need a legal DNA test?

Unfortunately, DNA self-collection kits cannot be used for any legal purpose. You must book an appointment for a legal DNA test at one of our DNA Clinics.

You can search for a DNA clinic near you by clicking below.