Due to the science of complex DNA relationship testing and the chance nature associated with DNA inheritance, there is a small risk of an inconclusive result with this test. An inconclusive result means that the DNA analysed and compared between individuals does not provide enough evidence to establish the biological relationship being tested. The risk of obtaining an inconclusive result varies due to several factors including, the test participants available for testing, the individual’s specific DNA profiles and how unique or common they are and the number of locations on the gene tested.

It is important that you are aware of the risk of an inconclusive result before ordering or booking this test, as you will be signing consent to confirm your understanding and acceptance of this. Refunds will not be issued for inconclusive results.

However, we will always attempt to achieve a conclusive result for your DNA test. As such, there may be further options available to you to achieve this. These are:

  1. The addition of other test participants, including other known siblings or parents. Additional costs will apply after any initial testing has taken place.
  2. The standard complex tests analyses 23 locations on the gene. It is possible to test a further 20 locations (total of 43), which increases the chance of a conclusive result. There are two options for this:
  3. If the 43 loci test is ordered from the beginning, the additional charge is only £30.
  4. If the 43 loci test is ordered after a standard complex test produces an inconclusive result, the additional charge is £60.

If you are using the DNA Clinics service and booking an appointment, the above options will be explained to you. If you are ordering a self-collection kit, please call 0800 988 7107 and speak to a member of our team about these options before you order a DNA kit.